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The extroversion initiative program aims to bring together entrepreneurs with mature startup clusters abroad, as well as with potential customers, partners and investors worldwide.
Educational and business missions to Europe, the USA, Canada and the Middle East are organised every year, in partnership with the world’s largest universities, startup business development organisations and institutions at the destination country.
58 egg startups have travelled to the largest startup ecosystems abroad and have worked with other startups worldwide, through 12 targeted business missions to Tel Aviv, Boston, Toronto, London, Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin.
In the context of the egg programme, Eurobank has struck a significant partnership with the internationally acclaimed Ryerson University in Canada to support young and innovative entrepreneurship in Greece, forging synergies with DMZ, Ryerson University’s business accelerator for startups.
To support the extroversion programme, egg works closely with the members of the egg Advisory Team, distinguished scientists, entrepreneurs and business experts from around the world, with foreign embassies in Greece, and with associated bodies, such as MAZINNOV, Reload Greece, MITef Israel and other distinguished partners.
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