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- 10.05-10.45 – Welcome speech Head of the Economic Service, Embassy of France in Greece – Mrs. Emmanuelle Boulestreau
Welcome speech Deputy CEO, Group COO & International Activities, Executive Member of the
Board of Directors, Eurobank – Mr. Stavros Ioannou
Welcome speech Deputy Minister on Research and Technology, Ministry of Development &
Investments in Greece - Mr. Christos Dimas


                                      egg - enter•grow•go  & the Embassy of France in Greece

                                        Connecting with the innovative ecosystem in France
(Digital live event)

                                         A collaboration with the French Institute in Greece.

egg - enter • grow • go is a premium Incubator & Accelerator assists on an ongoing basis the Greek startup community with the aim  to improve competitiveness in a challenging global  market. The three main pillars of the program are: extroversion, financing & business networking.


  • egg Start-up platform aims to support entrepreneurship at early stage,to ensure potential growth
  • egg Scale-up platform provides sufficient funding to startups, for businesssustainability

Event Focus
The event has as its objective, to connect the French and Greek Startup ecosystem, Institutions, Investors and Business Accelerators focusing the industry sectors of Tourism, Health Sciences, Energy and Environment.
 Moreover, an open discussion will take place, on the most important business topics with a focus on research, investment and business community. Thus, the interconnection between research and entrepreneurship, under the pillars of business networking, extroversion and access to financing/funding is the core topic of this Digital Live Event. 
The business accelerator egg-enter • grow • go embraces the innovation ecosystem in Greece and opens portals for discussion and cooperation with the French innovative ecosystem.

The Ambassador of France in Greece Mr. Patrick Maisonnave, the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development and Investment, Mr. Christos Dimas and the Deputy CEO of Eurobank Mr. Stavros Ioannou will welcome the conference.
The main discussion panels concentrate on the possibility of attracting funding, the challenges faced by start-ups, innovative companies, in the post-covid era, but also the discussion panel on Energy and the Environment, include institutions, senior executives of large companies and successful entrepreneurs.
The following discussion panels will be attended by institutions and a significant number of mature innovative companies in the above industries. The main goal is the exchange of views and understanding of the added value offered by business extroversion.
The event will take place on Tuesday 13.10.20 online and is open throughout the Greek and French innovation ecosystem, through YouTube, Facebook &