egg Induction Day

26.07.2019 3.317 total views
egg – enter.grow.go is addressed to those who have an original idea seeking to fulfill...
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egg Scale-Up Press Conference

25.07.2019 881 total views
egg is evolving and embraces new entrepreneurship at all stages. Through the Press...
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egg Companies Presentation

24.07.2019 296 total views
egg is evolving and embraces new entrepreneurship at all stages. Through the Press...

egg Business Bootcamp Training

24.07.2019 3.449 total views
egg offers a business training program that covers a total of 12 modules, which support...

egg Extroversion Program

24.07.2019 1.746 total views
The extroversion initiative program aims to bring together entrepreneurs with mature...
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Eurobank Advertising Campaign

24.07.2019 352 total views
At Eurobank "Business Forward" means having the funding, networking, digital education...

Ryerson University & DMZ | Collaboration

22.07.2019 659 total views
In the context of the egg programme, Eurobank has entered into a significant partnership...
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83rd Thessaloniki International Fair

21.07.2019 377 total views
egg is always present where the heart of innovation strikes. The last 2 years it...
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egg GOes in Thessaloniki

20.07.2019 733 total views
Go In Thessaloniki, the Business Delegation Program organized by Eurobank in the...
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24.06.2019 335 total views
Since 2009 Eurobank has been taking initiatives and working with key players to foster...

egg Digital Campaign

21.06.2019 526 total views
egg –enter.grow.go is on a mission to create & enlarge the Greek startup ecosystem....

egg Speedmatching

21.06.2019 611 total views
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egg Infographics

19.06.2019 289 total views
An integrated business incubation & acceleration program with the aim to boost innovative...


25.05.2019 455 total views
Tourism industry takes an evolutionary step forward, as companies offer innovative...
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25.04.2019 1.156 total views
The ICT sector is one of the most significant in the world economy, driven mostly...
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Industry 4.0

25.03.2019 678 total views
The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) offers the opportunity for corporations...
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egg Startup Safari

24.11.2018 932 total views
Startup Safari is a multi-dimensional event that guides its participants through...
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egg Welcome Day

21.07.2018 2.020 total views
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egg Startup Odyssey

21.06.2018 1.682 total views
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egg Mentors

26.01.2018 2.443 total views
egg –enter.grow.go provides mentoring in business development to each participating...

egg Alumni Presentations

24.07.2017 252 total views
Participation at the egg is completed when entrepreneurs have managed to develop...

The Hellenic Initiative | Pitching Competition

16.05.2016 192 total views
Through THI's grant, companies from the egg Alumni, participate in a intense competition,...