egg Induction Day

26.07.2019 3.876 total views
egg – enter.grow.go is addressed to those who have an original idea seeking to fulfill...
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Eurobank Advertising Campaign

24.07.2019 385 total views
At Eurobank "Business Forward" means having the funding, networking, digital education...

egg Digital Campaign

21.06.2019 611 total views
egg –enter.grow.go is on a mission to create & enlarge the Greek startup ecosystem....

egg Speedmatching

21.06.2019 712 total views
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egg Infographics

19.06.2019 324 total views
An integrated business incubation & acceleration program with the aim to boost innovative...

egg Startup Safari

24.11.2018 1.081 total views
Startup Safari is a multi-dimensional event that guides its participants through...
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egg Welcome Day

21.07.2018 2.399 total views
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egg Startup Odyssey

21.06.2018 1.960 total views
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egg Mentors

26.01.2018 2.919 total views
egg –enter.grow.go provides mentoring in business development to each participating...

egg Alumni Presentations

24.07.2017 293 total views
Participation at the egg is completed when entrepreneurs have managed to develop...

The Hellenic Initiative | Pitching Competition

16.05.2016 218 total views
Through THI's grant, companies from the egg Alumni, participate in a intense competition,...